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Motorway on Corridor 5c – Doboj Bypass: Intensive works

Mar 29, 2022


After the beginning of works on the construction of the motorway on the bypass near Doboj (Corridor 5c) was officially marked on November 26, 2021, the company “Integral inženjering“ successfully and in accordance with the work schedule performs the works on this demanding project:

  • The works on pile drilling are completed on the bridge “Kostajnica“ over the Bosna River. On both river banks, a total of 139 piles of a diameter Ø = 1,200 mm and of the total length of l=3,060.00 m were drilled, after which the construction of capping beams above the piles and the construction of bridge piers are continued. The bridge is designed as a double prestressed continuous reinforced concrete structure with 9 spans of a total length of l=326.00 m and it will be constructed by the method of incremental launching / gradual incremental launching.

Video: Breaktrough between excavation points NM3 and NM4


  • On the part of the alignment between the “Kostajnica“ bridge and the entrance portal of the “Putnikovo brdo 1“ tunnel, the works on clearing and cleaning the land in the expropriation zone are being executed. Together with these works, the works on the excavation and backfilling of the road to the entrance portal of the “Putnikovo brdo 1“ tunnel are being executed.
  • Inclinometers and piezometers are currently being installed at the “Putnikovo brdo 1“ tunnel, and the preparation of the plateau for pile drilling on the exit portal is ongoing. The drilling and concreting of the total of 96 piles of diameter Ø = 1,200 mm at the exit portal is foreseen according to the design.
  • On the part of the alignment between the exit portal of the “Putnikovo brdo 1“ tunnel and the “Putnikovo brdo“ viaduct, works are being carried out on the cut excavation and embankment construction.
  • On the “Putnikovo brdo“ viaduct, works are performed on a deep foundation, i.e. making of piles and preparing of plateau for pile drilling. The viaduct was constructed as a continuous girder over 8 fields, of a total length l=288.00 m and it will be made by technology of working in formwork on scaffolding, field by field. Together with these works, an access road to the “Putnikovo brdo 2“ tunnel is being constructed.

Currently, over 120 workers and the most modern machinery for the above mentioned types of works are employed at the construction site.


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