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Motorway on Corridor 5C (Johovac – Rudanka): Laying of asphalt layer and beginning of finishing works

Jun 22, 2021

Execution of works on the construction of the motorway on Corridor 5c in the Republika Srpska from the Johovac Interchange (Tovira) to the Rudanka Interchange (Kostajnica) of a total length of l=5.65 km is in progress according to the planned work plan and all phases of works are currently in progress at this section. 

Good work organization and large efforts of all directly engaged workers and business partners, as well as their professional attitude and adherence to prescribed and recommended measures of protection against COVID 19 virus led to the fact that the works during the pandemic were successfully performed, all in accordance with the work plan.

Works on the construction of the motorway alignment and associated structures are entering the final phase according to the following:

  • works on the superstructure of pavement
    • installation of stabilization tampons
    • production of cement stabilization,
    • laying the first and second layers of BNS asphalt;
  • earthworks
    • scraping and landscaping of slopes,
    • stone lining of sloping,
    • construction of local roads;
  • internal drainage
    • construction of drainage system,
    • making gutters,
    • installation of drainage channels,
    • construction of separators.

In this phase, the most intensive works are on the construction of the road construction on the Tovira loop, whose total length exceeds 6.5 km. As a such, it is the longest loop in the Republic of Srpska. Due to the heavy traffic load on the entire length of the Tovira loop, cement stabilization is performed in a thickness of 20 cm and in three layers of asphalt in a total thickness of 18 cm. Currently, about 50,000 m2 of cement stabilization and about 100,000 m2 of asphalt have been installed in the first two layers.

In addition to the above mentioned, preparations are made for the installation of road equipment defined by the project (sound barriers, safety fences, SOS system, ITS system, horizontal and vertical signalization, etc.).

So far, the following quantities of materials and works have been installed at the section of the motorway Johovac (Tovira) – Rudanka (Kostajnica):

  1. more than  3.490.500 m3 of constructed embankment
  2. more than  230.550 m3 of excavated earth
  3. more than  31.500 m3 of  pured concrete
  4. more than  6.000 m of drilled piles
  5. more than  4.100 t installed fittings
  6. more than  13.500 m of internal drainage pipes installed
  7. more than  100.000 m3 of incorporated subbase
  8. more than  80.000 m2 of placed cement stabilization
  9. more than  80.000 m2 of asphalted first and second layers of asphalt

In the following period, the works on the construction of the motorway, with the expected favorable epidemiological situation and favorable meteorological conditions, will be further accelerated by increasing the capacity that the contractor has.

The works are supervised by the Joint Venture “KREBS + KIEFER International GmbH (Germany) & GEING Krebs und Kiefer International & others ltd. (Northern Macedonia) ”.



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