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Najvažniji završeni projekti

Corridor 10 Motorway Project, Construction of Motorway E75, Section: Caričina Dolina – Vladičin Han, LOT 5: Road and Bridges at sub-Section Caričina Dolina – Tunnel Manajle (Serbia)

Investor: Public company “Corridors of Serbia”
Contractor: Integral inženjering
Contract number: CORRX.E75.EIB.PACK2-LOT5.ICB
Subject of the contract: Design and construction of the road and bridges at sub-section Caričina dolina – tunnel Manajle (LOT 5)
Type of the contract: FIDIC, Yellow Book
Value of the Project: 53,8 m €  (105,2 m BAM
Engineer: “Louis Berger” (France)

Broader context of the project:
Corridor 10 is one of the most important pan-European transport corridors that runs through Serbia.. The programme of construction of the Corridor 10 through Serbia is conducted through four projects that have been divided into sections and the sections into lots (contracts). After its finalization, the motorway would have a positive influence on the commercial and trade activities in the region and would contribute to the regional development and cohesion of the broader area of the Balkans.

Because of the programme’s importance, scope and value of the works, some of the leading international construction companies were competing and executing works there. 

„Integral Inženjering“ plc. is very proud for being selected, together with its partners, as the Main Constructor at subsection Caričina Dolina – Tunnel Manajle. The subsection is one of the most demanding subsections of the motorway on Corridor 10 in the Republic of Serbia, because the works are executed in the Grdelica Canyon. This is our the most important and the biggest project on very competitive construction market of the Republic of Serbia.

The works included  (subsection Caričina Dolina – Tunnel Manajle):

  • construction of motorway section in total length l= 6,75 km, with all structures;
  • construction of 7 bridges on highway section, one bridge on local road, one railway bridge, 3 galleries, 28 culverts;
  • relocation of 1 km of railway, relocation of 1,3 km of local roads, and relocation of high-, medium- and low-voltage lines;
  • works on regulation of the River Južna Morava, the River Sokolnica and the River Koznička;
  • construction of telecommunication channelization;
  • drainage works;
  • supply and installation of traffic signalization and equipment;
  • noise protection walls and landscaping.