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Najvažniji završeni projekti

Construction/Reconstruction of Municipal, Cantonal Court and Prosecutors Office in Tuzla (Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Employer: European Union which is represented by European Commission, B-1049 Brussels, Belgium
Contractor: JV “Integral Inženjering“ a.d. (LTD) Laktaši  – “Integra Inženjering“ d.o.o. (PLC) Banja Luka
Contract No. 2017/393-673
Contract value: 4.33 million EUR, or 8.47 million BAM 
Engineer: “Safege Bosnia“ d.o.o. (PLC) Sarajevo

Project description:

The reconstruction of existing building of Municipal and Cantonal Court and Prosecutors Office in Tuzla, which is located in the center of Тuzla, was executed. The building is constructed in 1962 as District Court in Tuzla. The total net area of building which will be reconstructed is approximately 4.600 m2.

Basic work content: 

The reconstruction of exsisting building of Municipal and Cantonal Courts, as well as Prosecutor Office located in the center of the City of Tuzla was executed through this project, as well as interventions on the functional reorganization of the entire facility. 

In one part of the building there is a Cantonal Court occupying floors Po+Pr+1+2+3+4+5+6, and in another part the Cantonal Prosecutors Office occupies floors Po+Pr+1+2+3+4. Elevators were installed and existing stairways, offices and courtrooms were reconstructed. A canopy was constructed in front of the main entrances to these two functionally and spatially separated institutions, which provides a more comfortable access. The total net area of ​​ reconstructed building is 4,600 m2.

A new building of the Tuzla Municipal Court was constructed at the location of previously removed Army House. The number of floors is Po+Pr+1+2. The building has a reception desk, one large courtroom, 3 medium courtrooms and 2 small courtrooms, offices for the work of judges and their assistants, a modern archive of 500 m2, modern rooms for the accommodation of detainees, as well as elevators. The total net area of ​​the building is 5.529,35 m2.

The works included:

  • construction works,
  • finishing works,
  • electrical installations,
  • mechanical installations,
  • water supply and sewage installations and
  • as-built design preparation

The works on reconstruction of the existing building will be executed in phases without interruption of using of building.