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Corridor 5c – Doboj Bypass: Good progress of the works

Aug 3, 2023

After the beginning of works on the construction of the motorway on the bypass near Doboj (Corridor 5c) was officially marked on November 26, 2021, the company “Integral inženjering“ successfully and in accordance with the work schedule performs the works on this demanding project:

  • On the “Kostajnica” bridge over the river Bosna, the works on drilling piles and making columns have been completed, the left (upstream) span structure has been pushed in and the right (downstream) span structure push in is in progress. The bridge is designed as a vertical double AB prestressed continuous construction with 9 spans 30 + 7×38 + 30=326.00 m. The span construction is designed as a box AB section, which is performed using the method of incremental pushing. To complete the bridge, it will be necessary to use over 16,000 m3 of concrete and 1,829,453.00 kg of reinforcement.
  • On the part of the route between the Kostajnica bridge and the entrance portal of the Putnikovo brdo 1 tunnel, excavations are being carried out, piles are being drilled to stabilize high slopes, and MV anchors are being drilled along the entire length.
  • At the Putnikovo Brdo 1 tunnel, the preparation of the entrance portal and the preparation for the start of excavation from that side are in progress. At the exit portal, parallel excavation is carried out on both tunnel pipes.
  • On the part of the route between the exit portal of the “Putnikovo brdo 1” tunnel and the “Putnikovo brdo” viaduct, works on embankment, excavation and slope stabilization are close to being completed.
  • On the “Putnikovo Brdo” viaduct, work is being carried out on the construction of columns on both structures and on the preparation of the plateau for the installation of heavy scaffolding for the construction of the span structure. The span structure of the viaduct is a so-called “π” prestressed concrete slab (“double ribbed slab”), which is done in phases, using formwork technology on scaffolding, field by field. In the static sense, the construction is a continuous support over 8 fields. Field spans are: 30 + 6×38 + 30 = 288 m. The main support is a continuous beam with a “π” cross section of height h = 2.00 m. Over 5,500 m3 of concrete and 623,536.00 kg of reinforcement will be used for the completion of the “Putnikovo Brdo” viaduct.

Favorable weather conditions enable the works to be carried out very dynamically and in accordance with the work plan.

More than 250 workers and modern machinery are employed at the construction site.

Video: Tunnel Putnikovo brdo 1 excavation

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