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Heavy maintenance (upgrading) of the state road IA3, section: intersection Sremska Mitrovica – intersection Ruma, from km 43+563 to km 57+313 l=13,750 (left cariageway) and intersection Ruma – intersection Pećinci from km 57+205 to km 70+303, l=13,098 km (right cariageway), (Serbia)

Apr 8, 2020

Investor: Public Company “Roads of Serbia” Belgrade
Contractor: Integral inženjering a.d. (PLC)
Contract number: RRSP/RRW-IA3SMRP/2019-06
Work value: 29,8 m BAM / 15,2 m EUR

About the project:

The project includes heavy maintenance (upgrading) of the state road IA3 (motorway) in total length of L=13,75 km (left cariageway) and L=13,10 km (right cariageway). Works on section with the biggest traffic load in the Republic of Serbia will be executed under the traffic, i.e. without total traffic stoppage.

The works include the following:

  • preliminary works,
  • works on road base and superstructure,
  • rehabilitation works on structures (bridges),
  • works on improvement of drainage system,
  • works on road belt,
  • works on placing of traffic signalization and equipment and
  • works on public lightning.

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