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Hydro power plant “Bočac 2” was ceremonially commissioned

Oct 3, 2018

The newly constructed Hydro Power Plant “Bočac 2” was ceremonially commissioned on October 04, 2018.

Hydro Power Plant “Bočac 2” was constructed on compensation basin (small lake) of the Hydro Power Plant “Bočac” between its left bank and regional road Jajce – Banja Luka. Hydro Power Plant “Bočac 2” has installed capacity of 10 MW.

Hydro Power Plant “Bočac 2” has the multiple importance for the economy of the municipality of Mrkonjić Grad as well as for stability of entire system of “Power Utility of the Republika Srpska“.

Integral inženjering executed construction works on this project.

About the project:

Investor: Mixed Holding “Power Utility of the Republika Srpska“, Subsidiary Company „HPPs on the Vrbas River” JSC Mrkonjić Grad
Engineer: The Jaroslav Černi Institute for the Development of Water Resources a.d. (PLC) Belgrade
Contractor: Integral inženjering a.d. (PLC)
Work value of Integral inženjering: 19,3 million BAM or 9,87 million EUR

Scope of works:

Structures are designed to be constructed in the left side profile, in the area between the road and spillways, and they are oriented in row, parallel with the direction of river valley and existing road of the main road M16. Power plant includes: firth canal, intake, headrace with transition section, intake structure, and discharge race. Installation and access platforms are constructed above the supply channels and on the top of the intake structure.

Small hydro power plant entrance structure is consisted of two entrance fields which are continued by supply sections which supply water to the turbines. Entrance structure is equipped with grids for impurity retention, grid cleaner, slide gates, equipment for detection of grid blockage and equipment for measurement of upper level. Discharge structure, i.e. let-off of the each turbine is equipped with one-piece slide gate.

Beside abovementioned works, the project includes construction of access road, mechanical and hydro-mechanical equipment installation, thermal and mechanical installations, electrical equipment and wirings, as well as technical monitor and survey marking.

Short review of the most important works:

  • excavation of material of different categories: 30,000 m3
  • incorporated concrete: 15,000 m3
  • placed reinforcement: 1,200,000 kg
  • total area of headquarter: 540 m2
  • new road on the main road M16: 250 m

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