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Motorway on the Corridor 5C (Johovac-Rudanka) – successful first twelve months

Jun 18, 2020

The first twelve months of work execution on the construction of the motorway from the Johovac Interchange (Tovira) to the Rudanka Interchange (Kostajnica) with a total length of l = 5.65 km were marked, by one hand, work execution in favorable meteorological conditions, and on the other hand, by the COVID-19 virus pandemic and numerous restrictions related to it.

We would like to stress out that the commencement of works on the first section of the motorway on Corridor 5C through the Republika Srpska was marked with a special ceremony on June 17, 2019, a year ago.

At this moment, we are pleased to state that the designing and work execution are proceeding according to the planned work schedule.

On the construction of the motorway alignment, the entire length of the section was constructed and connected, including excavations and preparations of foundation soil, as well as the construction of all designed box culverts, while intensive works on the construction of the embankment continues, the embankment being completed in the amount of 60%.

The construction of 10 structures is in progress, including the following:

  • viaduct “Ramp 1“,
  • viaduct “Ramp 3“,
  • the bridge over the Bosna River near the “Rudanka“ Interchange, and
  • seven (7) underpasses.

We plan to complete the works on the bridge near the “Rudanka“ Interchange by August 2020.

At the same time, the right bank of the Bosna River is being regulated (from the bridge near the “Rudanka“ Interchange, upstream to the settlement of Bare), which has been completed in the amount of 60%. In this way, the capacity of the Bosna River in that part of its course will be increased, the bank will be stabilized and the danger of its erosion and periodic floods will be eliminated.

In the following period, with expected favorable epidemiological situation and even more favorable meteorological conditions, all started works on the section (construction of embankments), on structure construction (10 stuctures) and on the regulation of the right bank of the Bosna River will be continued. In addition, the construction of the upper layer of the motorway section (subbase construction) and its cement stabilization will begin, works on the drainage system, works on the construction of bridges over the stream Lukavicka Rijeka (3 bridges), as well as works on the construction of the “Rudanka“ underpass near the railway.

Joint Venture “KREBS + KIEFER Eastern Europe GmbH (Germany) & GEING Krebs und Kiefer International & others ltd. (North Macedonia) is engaged on work supervison.

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