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Representatives of the Civil Engineering Faculty from Zagreb on the construction site

Apr 30, 2024

Integral inženjering, which is carrying out works on the construction of the expressway Okučani – Border with B&H (2nd Phase), hosted on 26.4.2024. representatives of the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Zagreb.

The group of 50 first- and second-year graduate students was led by Prof. Ph.D.Sc. Anđelko Vlašić and Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Sc. Marko Bartolac.

At the beginning, the guests toured the position of the abutment U0, the “Kanal Nova Sava” bridge, where they witnessed the concreting of the footing of the landing column and the pushing of the steel span beams. In this position, they had the opportunity to learn more about the assembly and welding of steel span supports, and then about the process of pushing them. The students are particularly made familiar with the problems of performing work in the wetland area and with the problems caused by unfavorable weather conditions during the construction of the lower structure of the expressway route.

On the “Rukavac Strug” bridge, students had the opportunity to see STU devices (Shock Transmission Unit – anti-earthquake device), which mitigate the forces that occur during earthquakes, thus protecting the structure, and to hear more about the technique of mounting the device on the abutment and the lower girder of the girder.

The guests also toured the position of abutment U9 on the “Nova Sava Kanal” bridge, where the 34th and 33rd phases of the pavement slab were concreted. In this position, students are introduced to the technology of paving slabs. They were given the experience of assembling a 20-meter-long culvert, reinforcing and concreting the pavement slab on a steel span structure.

In the end, the guests expressed their satisfaction with what they saw and their gratitude for the practical knowledge and experience shared by the engineers of Integral inženjering.

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