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Works on rehabilitation of Cut 5 (Lot 1) in Grdelička klisura Canyon finished

Sep 1, 2020

At the end of August 2020, within the agreed deadline, the company Integral inženjering successfully completed the works on new rehabilitation of Cut 5 (LOT 1) on the E75 motorway, section: Grdelica – Caričina dolina.

The works were executed according to the new project solutions, in all respects according to the rules of the profession and with professional supervision. Usual geodetic and inclinometer measurements show that there were no additional movements of ground and structures, which indicates that the problem of landslide at this location is permanently solved.

Rehabilitation of Cut 5 was executed in two phases of which the first one was completed in October 2018 with the construction of the supporting structure K1 in the length of 411.48 meters.

In the second phase that was just completed, two supporting structures were constructed – K2 and K3.

Supporting structures K2 and K3 are consisted of two rows of reinforced concrete piles ø1500 mm alternately placed . The piles were constructed at a distance of 4.50 m. The length of piles on the structure K2 is 26.0 m – 36.0 m, and on the structure K3 21.0 – 36.0 m. A total of 161 piles were constructed for the K2 structure, while 91 piles were constructed for the K3 structure. The total length of the supporting structure K2 is L=363.70 m, while the length of the supporting structure K3 is L=205.22 m.

Additional stability of the supporting structures K2 and K3 is provided by 863 permanent electro-insulated geotechnical anchors (5Ø15.7 mm).

The intensive and demanding works on the rehabilitation of Cuts 2, 3 and 4 on the same section of the pan-European motorway E75 are continued.

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