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HPP Dabar construction of main tunnel started

Jul 11, 2017

The works on excavation of access tunnel Straževica in total length of 652 m were successfully finished after the first drill on this tunnel was performed on October 09, 2016. The major part of works are executed during winter and spring due to which the Contractors were faced with expected challenges – very high level of underground water during winter and numerous caverns. However, with good organization, skilled and persistence workers, all problems are successfully solved and this important project phase comes to an end.

Excavation of the main tunnel in total length of 12.25 km started after excavation of the access tunnel Straževica. The excavation is simultaneously performed within three attack points. According to the current state, 400 m of the main tunnel were excavated.

The access tunnel Straževica together with the main headrace tunnel represents the key facilities in the Gornji Horizonti system.

More about project on: http://integral.ba/aktuelni-projekti/?lang=en#1460621202971-e4fce6b7-17a0

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