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Motorway Laktaši-Prnjavor: Vrbas river bridged

May 25, 2016

The works on construction of 11 designed structures and construction of motorway alignment are intensively carried out on the Banja Luka – Doboj motorway, section Banja Luka – Prnjavor.

The Vrbas river is bridged over. All 19 segments of right upstream side of bridge are constructed with incremental launching while one third of works are finished on left downstream side of bridge.

At the beginning of May, the interchange Mahovljani is closed for traffic due to works on construction of Mahovljani viaduct (l = 400 m). 9 of 28 spams are constructed until now and the most part of works on substructure (piles, pile caps, piers) are finished.

The works on construction of Laktaši 2 viaduct (l = 450 m) are in progress due to foreseen schedule. The most part of works on substructure are finished while the works on superstructure have started. This structure will be constructed with prefabricated prestressed girders.

Besides the abovementioned structures, the construction of overpasses Malkići, Predragovići, Bundale, and Mihajlovići are in progress as well as construction of bridges Crkvena 1, Sikimića potok 2, Sobanjska rijeka and Dabrak.

Along the motorway alignment, the construction of final layer of embankment as well as execution of next layer of road structure – subgrade are in progress. Also, the works on excavation of cuts, stabilization of slopes of embankments and cuts, resoling and grassing are also in progress.

More than 1.000.000 m3 of material is excavated and more than 1.500.000 m3 of embankment has been filled until now.

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