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Motorway on Corridor 5C (Johovac – Rudanka): Status of works at the beginning of 2021

Feb 15, 2021

Execution of works on the construction of the motorway on Corridor 5c in the Republika Srpska from the Johovac Interchange (Tovira) to the Rudanka Interchange (Kostajnica) of a total length of l=5.65 km is successfully ongoing during the winter season. We would like to stress out that the works started on June 24, 2019.

This was enabled by relatively favorable weather conditions, and on the other hand, good organization of work in conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic and the professional attitude of all workers and engaged business partners towards the prescribed health protection measures.

On the construction of the motorway alignment, which has already been made and connected along its entire length, the earthworks, construction of embankments and regulation of the Lukavica River are almost completed (95% of these works have been completed). The works on regulation of right bank of the Bosna river are in the final phase (80% of the works have been completed), while the intensive works on the construction of the drainage system are ongoing (20% of the works have been completed).

So far, 9 structures have been constructed on motorway alignment, out of which:

  • 1 bridge  – „Pranjkovački potok 1“,
  • 8 undepasses :
    • Durmići“,
    • „Kostajnica“,
    • „Rudanka“,
    • underpass at chainage km 0+460,
    • underpass at chainage km 28+961,
    • underpass at chainage km 29+655,
    • „Dijelovi“,
    • underpass at „Ramp 2“.

Besides the above mentioned structures, all 8 culverts beneath motorway alignment are completed.

Also, 2 structures are in the final phase of construction (completeness over 90%), as follows:

  • the bridge over the Bosna river near the interchange “Rudanka“ and
  • viaduct “Ramp 1“.

In the coming period, with favorable epidemiological situation and expected even more favorable weather conditions, the main works will be executed on construction of unfinished structures, drainage system, superstructure and toll station “Rudanka”, as well as on installations, traffic equipment and noise barriers.

The works are supervised by the Joint Venture “KREBS+KIEFER Eastern Europe GmbH (Germany) & GEING Krebs und Kiefer International & others ltd. (Northern Macedonia)”.

Video: Situation before the Winter 2020 – 2021

Video: Situation after 12 months of construction works



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