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Najvažniji završeni projekti

Construction of protective gallery on the slope C6 on the motorway E80, Prosek-Crvena Reka, LOT 2: Bancarevo – Crvena Reka, public procurement no. 1.3.3./19 (Serbia)

Employer: Koridori Srbije, d.o.o. (LTD) Belgrade
Contractor: Integral inženjering a.d. (PLC) Laktaši
Value of works: 14.9 million BAM or 7.6 million EUR

General information about project:

Corridor 10 je one of the most important Trans-European transport corridors that passes through Serbia. The program of construction of Corridor 10 through Serbia is carried out through four projects that are divided into sections and those into lots (contracts).

Construction of motorway E80: Niš – Dimitrovgrad (Bulgarian border) is realized under the name of Project “East”.
Work Contractor on the section Bancarevo – Crvena Reka was JV “Aktor & Terna” (Greece).

Due to particularly complex conditions, the Employer assigned the company Integral inženjering for construction of a protective gallery near the Bancarevo tunnel in order to permanently stabilize landslides near that structure.

Description of solution and works:

After analyzing possible solutions for stabilization of slope No. 6, and considering the height of the cut, it was concluded that the best solution was to construct a protective structure in the form of a backfilled gallery. The protective structure should be very solid and strong enough to carry an overlay of an embankment of height of h = 6.0 m above the roof plate. The embankment is intended as a permanent embankment to stabilize the hill. This solution was adopted on the slope section from km 28 + 478.00 to km 28 + 643.00, with a total length of L = 165.0m

The protective gallery is founded on drilled piles of diameter of Ф = 2.000 mm and length of L = 16.0 at distances of 2.5 and 3.0 m. The piles are connected by pile caps of dimensions b/d = 2.30/1.0 m, which are concreted in two sections of length of L = 165.0 m. Above pile caps, it is foreseen to construct a roof structure of monolith MB30 concrete plate of thickness of d = 1.30 m with span of L = 13.1m and 14.7m in the tunnel tube portal area. The roof plate will be waterproofed with a protection layer for the inclination. As the gallery is foreseen to be open in one part, the piles drilled in that part are subsequently processed and converted into permanent pillars. On the interior side and towards the hill, a lining made of sprayed concrete, which is applied in several layers in thickness of d = 5.0 cm is planned. At a level above the pavement structure and up to a height of approximately 1.0 m, the parapet wall of thickness d = 30 cm is planned. The backfilling of gallery is foreseen in the central zone with a constant height of about 6.0 m above the roof plate and variable height in the zone from gallery to the hill.

Scope of works:

  • construction of 132 peaces of reinforced concrete piles of diameter of Ф = 2.000 mm;
  • construction of pile cap of the supportive structure;
  • construction of reinforced concrete walls between piles;
  • construction of monolith concrete roof plate;
  • construction of lining with sprayed concrete;
  • backfilling of the gallery with earth.