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Construction of the Bridge Dolac with the pipeline in Banja Luka (Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Nov 16, 2020

Investor: The City of Banja Luka
Contractor: Integral inženjering a.d. (PLC) Laktaši
Type of contract: FIDIC – Red book (1999)
Contracted value of works: 7.4 million BAM or 3.8 million EUR
Financing: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
Engineer: Joint Venture “HKP Consulting d.o.o. (LLC) Banja Luka and Institute IGH d.o.o. (LLC) Banja Luka”

General information on the project:

When completed, the bridge over the Vrbas river in the Dolac area in the City of Banja Luka will be the largest one in the city, and due to its modern and attractive architectural and constructive solution, it will be one of the recognizable symbols of the city. The bridge will consist of two separate sections, one for traffic and the other for pedestrians. It will connect the city center on one side and the Obilićevo and Starčevica areas on the other side of the river, significantly facilitating traffic in the city, and relieving other city bridges.

General information about bridge structure for traffic:

The bridge consists of two separate structures/bridges – upstream and downstream. Each bridge has two traffic lanes 3.0 m wide, inspection path 1.2 m wide, safety fences of 0.6 m width between the inspection path and traffic lane, fence between inspection path and protective area of width of 2.0 m, protective area and a 0.95 m wide fence towards the gap between the bridges. The bridges are separated by a 3.0 m wide gap. The upstream and downstream bridge each is 8.95 m wide, while the total width of the bridge, including the gap, is 20.90 m. Structurally, the bridge is a beam – a span structure, which is flexibly fastened on one side (left bank of the Vrbas river), while loosely supported on the other side (right bank of the Vrbas river). The span structure is supported by RC abutments. The RC abutments transmit the load onto the ground through piles. The span structure is a composite steel-concrete structure. The steel part of the structure is a tub girder that is on the upper side connected with the concrete pavement by flexible dowels. The span of the upstream bridge is 79.25 m and of the downstream bridge is 80.75 m.

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