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Corridor 5C: Site visit

Jul 5, 2019

Following the commencement of construction works on the first Corridor 5c, 5.56 kilometre-long motorway section through Republic of Srpska on 17 June 2019, stretching from the intersection Tovira (at Johovac) to the intersection Kostajnica (at Rudanka), the construction site was visited by high local and international officials on 3 July 2019.  The visit was hosted by Mr Dušan Topić, General Manager of the Public Enterprise ‘Republic of Srpska Roads’ and company Integral Inženjering, the responsible Contractor.

The early phase of the works was presented to Ms Željka Cvijanović, the President of Republic of Srpska, Mr Nedjo Trninić, the RS Minister of Transport and Communications, Mr Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, the current Ambassador of the European Union and Head of EU Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Mr Ian Brown, Head of the EBRD Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The visit was attended by representatives of the Doboj Municipality headed by Mayor, Mr Boris Jerinić and the City Council President, Ms Sanja Vulić.

The subject and the programme of works were presented to the visitors. The guests expressed their satisfaction at the beginning of works and pointed out the significance of Corridor 5c and the infrastructure as a whole for the economic and social development of the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.

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The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is an international financial institution founded in 1991 to support development in Central and Eastern Europe, focusing on the market economy and democratic governance models.  The role of EBRD is particularly significant in B&H due to destruction of the infrastructure during the 1992-1995 conflict.

In the period 2001 – 2019, Integral Inženjering has implemented or is in the process of implementing 15 projects financed from EBRD funds or through the European Agency for Reconstruction of over EUR 400 million of total value. The projects have been implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia, and some of the most significant are:

  • Design and construction of the Corridor 5c motorway from the intersection Tovira (at Johovac) to the intersection Kostajnica (at Rudanka) (2019);
  • Design and construction of the Banja Luka – Doboj motorway, section Prnjavor – Doboj (2012 – 2016);
  • Construction of the Gradiška – Banja Luka motorway (2007 – 2011);
  • Šipovo – Kupres road rehabilitation (2011);
  • Han Kola – Srpske Toplice road rehabilitation (2011);
  • Rehabilitation of the roads Rogatica – Sastavci – Ustiprača and Višegrad – Vardište (2011);

Projects implemented in Montenegro:

  • Construction of the Montenegro coast water supply system: north water transmission pipeline ‘Djurmani – Budva’ (2008 – 2010) and south water transmission pipeline ‘Ćafe – Ulcinj’ (2011 – 2012);
  • Construction of border crossings at Debeli Brijeg and Šćepan Polje (2005 – 2007);
  • Improving road safety equipment (2002 – 2002);
  • ‘Vojnik’ road tunnel reconstruction (2002);
  • Construction of the ‘Zlatica’ primary school building in Podgorica (2001- 2002) with access roads (2003) and ‘Zlatnička duga’ footbridge (2003).

In Serbia, the border crossing in Batrovci was constructed.

Based on the previous positive experience in cooperating with EBRD, company Integral Inženjering was a sponsor of the annual meeting of EBRD governors held in Sarajevo ( 07 – 09 May 2019).


EU Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina was established in July 1996 under the name Delegation of the European Union.

The Delegation’s role in Bosnia and Herzegovina is primarily focused on:

  • Presenting, explaining and implementing the EU policy;
  • Analysing and reporting on policies and trends in the country; and
  • Negotiating in accordance with the Delegation mandate.

The Corridor 5c motorway is included in the EU programme under the title ‘Connectivity Agenda’, for which the EU allocated EUR 1 billion of grants until 2020. The goal of the Agenda is a transport network between the Western Balkan countries and the rest of Europe. The construction of eight Corridor 5c motorway sections in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be financed with EUR 110 million in grants, while the section Tovira (Johovac) – Kostajnica (Rudanka) is financed with almost EUR 15 million in grants (20% of the total contract value) through the Western Balkans Investment Framework.

Integral Inženjering has executed or is in the process of executing several contracts with the EU, represented by the EU Delegation to B&H:

  • Regulation of the Janja riverbed in Ugljevik (2018);
  • Construction / reconstruction of the Municipal Court, the Cantonal Court and the Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office of Tuzla Canton (2018);
  • Construction / reconstruction of the Basic Court and District Court in Banja Luka (2016- 2017).

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Regulation of the Janja riverbed in Ugljevik
Ceremonial opening of the buildings of the Basic Court and District Court in Banja Luka

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