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Execution of the exploratory works and works on the rehabilitation of landslide Sarlah within the project of construction of motorway E80, Niš (Prosek) – Dimitrovgrad (border crossing with Bulgaria), section 5A: Staničenje – Sarlah

Apr 9, 2020

Investor: Koridori Srbije, d.o.o. (LLC) Belgrade
Contractor: Integral inženjering a.d. (PLC) Banja Luka
Value of works: 6,6 million BAM or 3,4 million EUR

About project:

Corridor 10 is one of the most important pan-European transport corridors that pass through Serbia. The program of construction of Corridor 10 through Serbia is being carried through four projects that are divided into sections, and those sections into lots (contracts).

Construction of motorway Niš – Dimitrovgrad (border crossing with Bulgaria) is realized under the name of Project “East”.
Contractor of works on section 5A: Staničenje – Sarlah tunnel was Aktor SA (Greece). The works on section Staničenje – Pirot (east) in length of 16.64 km are finished and the section has been opened for traffic since March 08, 2019.
Because of the particularly complex conditions, the Investor awarded execution of investigation works, reconstruction and permanent Sarlah landslide stabilization to the company Integral inženjering.

Scope of works:

  • execution of geo-exploratory works;
  • construction of reinforced concrete piles of diameter of ф = 2000 mm;
  • construction of pile cap of support structure;
  • construction of reinforced concrete slabs between piles.

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