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Bridge over the Sava River near Gradiška: Ceremonial commissioning

Jul 29, 2022

The ceremony held on July 29, 2022, marked the completion of works on the construction of the interstate bridge over the Sava River near Gradiška.

The ceremony was attended by:

  • Milorad Dodik, the Serb member of the BiH Presidency;
  • Nedeljko Čubrilović, the Chairman of the National Assembly of the  Republic Srpska;
  • Srebrenka Golić, the Vice – Prime Minister and Minister of Spatial Planning Construction and Ecology in the Government of the Republic of Srpska;
  • Vojin Mitrović, the Minister of Communications and Transport in the Council of Ministries of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Tomislav Mihotić, the State Secretary in the Ministry for Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure, Republic of Croatia;
  • Josip Škorić, the Chairman of the Board, Hrvatske ceste d.o.o. (LLC);
  • Stefan Eler,  the Head, Sector for Cooperation in the European Union Delegation in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Slobodan Stanarević, the acting director of PC “The Republika Srpska Motorways”;
  • Dragana Ilić, the Deputy Mayor of the municipality of Gradiška;
  • Contractor’s representatives – JV „Integral inženjering & Đuro Đaković Montaža & Zagreb montaža“;
  • Engineer’s representatives,  JV “ „KREBS + KIEFER Eastern Europe GmbH i Institut IGH” 
  • representatives of political and public life.

In their speeches, senior officials emphasized the importance of the construction of the bridge and the road section for faster traffic of people and goods, for the smooth and efficient work of control and border authorities, and for a better quality of life in Gradiška, that is now overburdened.

The construction of the bridge over the Sava River represents the first phase of works that include the construction of the functional road from Okučani to the border. The construction of this section of road includes a full motorway profile on the Republika Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina) side, a four-lane bridge over the Sava River, a four-lane motorway on the Republic of Croatia side, two separate border crossings, and access roads

Integral inženjering, as the Main Contractor is very proud that, together with companies Đuro Đaković Montaža d.o.o. and Zagreb-Montaža d.o.o., has successfully implemented this project in the extraordinary conditions of the COVID pandemic and disrupted supply chains caused by geopolitical tensions and conflicts.

Some of the most significant bridges that Integral inženjering has constructed with its partners are as follows:

  • bridge over the Sava River near Gradiška of the total length l = 462 m (2022);
  • bridge over the Bosna River on the Corridor 5c Motorway – Exit Doboj of the total length l = 228 m (2022);
  • seven bridges in Grdelica Gorge of the total length of l=2.540 m (Vladičin Han, The Republic of Serbia), (2018);
  • bridge over the Vrbas River (Laktaši) of length of l = 340 m (2017);
  • Laktaši viaduct (Laktaši) of length of l = 449 m (2017);
  • Mahovljani viaduct (Laktaši) of length of l = 400 m (2017);
  • bridge over the Bosna River (Doboj) of length of l = 414 m (2016);
  • Trnova Luka viaduct (Čemerno, Gacko) of length of l = 408.00 m (2013).

At this moment, Integral inženjering constructs three big bridges:

  • bridge over the Trebišnjica River near Trebinje (l = 484 m);
  • bridge „Kanal Nova Sava“ on motorway to Okučani, Croatia (l = 523 m);
  • bridge over the Bosna River on the Corridor 5c Motorway near Doboja (l = 326 m).

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