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Motorway Prnjavor-Doboj: Construction of final wearing course

May 9, 2016

The final works on traffic lanes of the motorway on section Prnjavor – Doboj are continued with the start of new construction season.

The construction of final wearing course which will be constructed by lying of SMA (Stone Mastic Asphalt) is in progress. SMA is used as final layer on roads of all types, especially motorways and main roads. Contrary to the asphalt mixtures of standard asphalt-concrete type (AB), a larger part of crushed (eruptive) stone with larger part of polymer bitumen and additives (fillers) creates a solid and skeleton structure which helps to relay influence and efficiency of load on lower layers of pavement structure. It is one of the main reasons of its highly resistence on wearing and permanent deformations.

The final works on access roads, installation of protective fence and noise protection barriers are in progress parallel with final works on construction of pavement structure of motorway.

During 2014 and 2015, the bridge on the Bosna River in length of 414 m is constructed, the works on construction of Maintenance and Traffic Control Center are finished and all designed overpasses and underpasses, as well as paying tolls are constructed.

More about the Project: https://integral.ba/aktuelni-projekti/?lang=en

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