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“Bileća“ drainage tunnel: Boring of tunnel was completed on november 27, 2017

Dec 1, 2017

Within the Project of Construction of the drainage tunnel of Bileća field (first phase), the company “Integral Inženjering“ PLC successfully completed boring of tunnel of length of l=1816 m with clear profile d=3.20 m on November 27, 2017. The tunnel excavation was executed with New Austrian Tunneling Method.

For the works on this hydro technical tunnel, it is characteristic that the works were executed beneath the city of Bileća, with small overlay above tunnel and in very complex geological environment due to which there was a small step of progress with using of higher primary supporting.

This tunnel is part of Gornji horizonti System and it serves for transferring of flood waters from Bileća field into Bileća lake hydro accumulation.

Mr. Gordan Mišeljić, General Manager of the of Subsidiary Company “Hydro Power Plants on Trebišnjica” with his associates, as well as Miljan Alkesić, the Mayor of the Municipality of Bileća attended the completion act of tunnel boring.

They expressed satisfaction with successfully executed works on this Project. They stated that the long-term problem of Bileća’s settlements Jezerine and Plužine flooding is solved with completion of these works and that also provides additional water flows into Bileća lake hydro accumulation.

The works on this Project are continued.

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