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Construction of motorway E 75 on Corridor 10 in the Republic of Serbia, Lot 5: Roads and bridges on subsection Caričina Dolina – Manajle tunnel is completed

Sep 13, 2018

Integral inženjering is, together with its partners, successfully completed work execution on this very complex and demanding project on June 30, 2018.

Construction of roads and bridges on subsection Caričina dolina – Manajle Tunnel is the biggest project which Integral inženjering realized on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Project Basic Data:

  • Contract Number: CORRX.E75.EIB.PACK2.LOT5.ICB, dated April 29, 2013
  • Employer: Koridori Srbije d.o.o. (LLC)
  • Engineer: Louis Berger (France)
  • Contractor: JV Integral inženjering a.d. (PLC), Interkop Mišar d.o.o. (LLC) and Prijedorputevi a.d. (PLC)

Brief description of executed works:

The length of constructed motorway is L=6,75 km. The motorway alignment is mostly located on the right riverside of the Morava River, while the Džep village is bypassed on the left side from km 887+800 to km 890+200.

Relocation of existing railway in length of 980 m was executed on the part of motorway from km 886+275 to km 887+200.

On the motorway alignment, the relocation of optical cable was performed and the construction of three noise protection walls was completed in the total length of 692 m.

Very complex topographic conditions, especially in crosswise, demanded a designing of large number of engineering structures – bridges, structures for slope protection, galleries, protective and retaining walls.

Seven bridges: Seliški potok, Južna Morava 1, Južna Morava 2, Momin kamen viaduct, Kučajska dolina, Sokolica and Koznička reka viaduct were constructed on the motorway section of length of 6,75 km.The total length of bridges is 2,540 m or 1,270 m for every carriageway.

Slope protection of Mrtvica 1 and Mrtvica 2, as well as slope protection from PR121 to PR152 was executed with heavy slope stabilization with reinforced concrete beams in combination with geotechnical anchors and shortcreting of slope in total length of alignment of 1,520 m and total surface of 32,430 m2.

The subdivision of slope with mining and slope protection with different types of meshes, IBO anchors and protective barriers were executed on one part of alignment. The surface covered with protective meshes is 145,000 m2, and number of IBO anchors (length between 1.5 m and 12 m) is 6,970 pieces.

In the area of Momin kamen, the left protective walls with protective barrier and right retaining wall which were partly funded on piles of diameter of Ø1200 mm were constructed.

Brief overview of scope of works:

  • excavation of material of different categories: 1,643,264.68 m3
  • embankment construction: 524,518.67 m3
  • drainage: 6,747.12 m
  • BNS placing: 195,513.68 m2
  • asphalt-concrete placing: 24,238.42 m2
  • SMA placing: 111.069,49 m2
  • concrete placing: 149,789.55 m3, from which it is placed 9,258.86 m3 of prestressed concrete
  • reinforcement placing: 11,181,092.00 kg
  • placing of prestressing cables: 480,293.44 kg
  • placing of piles of diameter of Ø800 mm: 5,946.27 m
  • placing of piles of diameter of Ø1000 mm: 1,395.27 m
  • placing of piles of diameter of Ø12000 mm: 7,997.80 m
  • placing of piles of diameter of Ø1500 mm: 2,089.22 m
  • prestressed anchor placing:  52,144.00 m

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