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Motorway Laktaši-Prnjavor: The Bridge Structure over the Vrbas River Completed

Sep 5, 2016

The bridge structure over the Vrbas River on Banja Luka – Doboj motorway section is completed. The structure is composed of two bridges in the length of 340m each, carrying the motorway across the Vrbas River with 10 spans each (26m+8x36m+26m). The bridges have span structure made of 19 technological sections each. The sections were manufactured on the left bank of the Vrbas River and, by applying the advanced method of incremental bridge launching, used to construct the span structure of the right bridge first and then also of the left bridge.

Incremental bridge launching technology has been implemented on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina for just over four years.

The bridge across the Vrbas River is the second bridge which we have built by applying this method. First was the bridge across the Bosna River (l=414m) on Doboj – Prnjavor motorway section. This bridge was severely exposed to flood waters during the large floods in 2014, but underwent no significant damage.

Designs for both bridges were developed by “Integral Inženjering”’s team of designers.

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