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Interstate bridge on the river Sava near Gradiška: review of works at the end of 2020

Dec 4, 2020

Works on the interstate bridge on the river Sava near Gradiška have been executed for 14 months, both on the right (the Republika Srpska/Bosnia and Herzegovina) and on the left bank of the river (Croatia). The works, which are in progress in accordance with the planned schedule, are executed by the Joint Venture (JV) “Integral Inženjering” a.d. (PLC), “Đuro Đaković Montaža” d.o.o. (LLC) and “Zagreb-Montaža” d.o.o (LLC)”, the leading partner being the  company “Integral inženjering” a.d. (PLC).

During this period, the company “Integral inženjering” a.d. (PLC) completed the construction of abutment on the right bank and all geotechnical and reinforced concrete works on the medium piers. On the right bank, all geotechnical works under the future road have been completed, the works on protection (lining) of the embankment with concrete elements are in progress, and the embankment has been completely constructed to the future bridge.

On the left bank, the final works on the construction of the abutment are in progress.

The installation of the span structure elements on the S3 pier (right bank), performed by the company “Đuro Đaković Montaža” d.o.o. (LLC) from Slavonski Brod, began in August 2020. So far, 1,201 tons of steel structures have been delivered to the installation position, and 954 tons have been lifted and assembled (mounted) at the position of segments from 20 to 24. Preparatory works and delivery of 160 tons of steel structure have been completed on the left bank, and installation of first segments of structure is expected to be executed on the pier S2. The assembly of the steel elements of the bridge on the left bank will be performed by the company “Zagreb-Montaža” d.o.o. (LLC) from Zagreb.

Otherwise, the steel span structure of the bridge is produced in the production plant of the company “Đuro Đaković Montaža” d.o.o. (LLC) in Slavonski Brod, where the entire amount of steel needed for its production was delivered. So far, 3,750 tons out of 4,798 tons of structure have been produced (about 78%), while anti-corrosion protection has been applied to 2,048 tons of the structure.



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