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Najvažniji završeni projekti

Construction of the section: Okučani – border of Bosnia and Herzegovina / first phase: bridge on the state border over the Sava river (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Investor: Public company “Hrvatske ceste” (Zagreb) and Ministry of Communication and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo)
Contractor: Joint Venture“Integral Inženjering” a.d. (PLC) Laktaši, “Đuro Đaković Montaža” d.o.o. (LLC) and “Zagreb-Montaža” d.o.o (LLC)
Value of works: 49,9 million BAM (23,5 m EUR)
Engineer: Joint Venture “KREBS + KIEFER Eastern Europe GmbH (Germany), Institut IGH dd (Republic of Croatia)”

General information:
The inter-state bridge on the Sava River west (upstream) of Gradiška is part of the European interconnecting road E-661 connecting Split with Banja Luka, Virovitica and Balaton, i.e. with already constructed Banja Luka – Gradiška motorway (commissioned in 2013) with a future motorway: border – Okučani – Virovitica – Balaton.

The construction of the bridge is part of the overall work on the construction of a functional road on the section border – Okučani, which includes, among other things, a full profile of motorway on the Republika Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina) side, a four-lane motorway on the Republic of Croatia side, two separate border crossings and access roads. Upon completion of works, this road unit will enable faster traffic of people and goods, smooth and efficient performance of tasks of control bodies, and normal living in Gradiška, which is now very burdened.

The structure is a continuous single-cell steel box girder with consoles on both sides. The designed length of bridge is 462,25 m. The bridge width is Bv=22.60 m.

Scope of works:  

  • construction of span structure of length of l=128,00+170,00+128,00=426,0 m and width of Bv=22,60 m;
  • construction of section of motorway on the territory of the Republic of Croatia of length of  l =50,79 m and section of Gradiška – Banja Luka (Mahovljani) motorway in length of l =411,54 m on which the underpass will be constructed too, and
  • placing of modern traffic control telecommunication equipment, the installation of traffic and navigation signalization, road equipment and public lighting.